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Cartagena / KolumbienCartagena / Kolumbien
Cartagena / Kolumbien
Cozumel / MexikoCozumel / Mexiko
Cozumel / Mexiko
Colón / PanamaColón / Panama
Colón / Panama
Willemstad, Curacao / KaribikWillemstad, Curacao / Karibik
Willemstad, Curacao / Karibik
San Juan, Puerto Rico (Große Antillen) / KaribikSan Juan, Puerto Rico (Große Antillen) / Karibik
San Juan, Puerto Rico (Große Antillen) / Karibik
Oranjestad, Aruba / KaribikOranjestad, Aruba / Karibik
Oranjestad, Aruba / Karibik
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands / KaribikGrand Cayman, Cayman Islands / Karibik
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands / Karibik
Key West, Florida / USA OstküsteKey West, Florida / USA Ostküste
Key West, Florida / USA Ostküste
Puerto Limón / Costa RicaPuerto Limón / Costa Rica
Puerto Limón / Costa Rica
Puerto Caldera  / Costa RicaPuerto Caldera  / Costa Rica
Puerto Caldera / Costa Rica
Puerto Moin / Costa RicaPuerto Moin / Costa Rica
Puerto Moin / Costa Rica
Roatán / HondurasRoatán / Honduras
Roatán / Honduras
Los Angeles, Kalifornien / USA WestküsteLos Angeles, Kalifornien / USA Westküste
Los Angeles, Kalifornien / USA Westküste
Miami, Florida / USA OstküsteMiami, Florida / USA Ostküste
Miami, Florida / USA Ostküste
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California / MexikoCabo San Lucas, Baja California / Mexiko
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California / Mexiko
Aruba / KaribikAruba / Karibik
Aruba / Karibik
Panama / PanamaPanama / Panama
Panama / Panama
Panamakanal / PanamaPanamakanal / Panama
Panamakanal / Panama
Puntarenas / Costa RicaPuntarenas / Costa Rica
Puntarenas / Costa Rica
San Francisco, Kalifornien / USA WestküsteSan Francisco, Kalifornien / USA Westküste
San Francisco, Kalifornien / USA Westküste


Dive with this Panama cruise into a world full of colors and exotic flavors. The land between two continents has tremendously much to offer. Beside the famous Panama Canal,which we pass through, we show you on this cruise uninhabited islands of paradise, pristine, palm fringed beaches, coral reefs and abundant rain forest areas that are inhabited by Indians. Discover the fascinating metropolis of Panama City, whose colonial past one can still see and get to know the hospitality and lifestyle of Embera- and Kuna Indian cultures. From San Diego it's off to the Panama Canal over Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala, San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua and the Panama Canal in Panama further to Cartagena in Colombia and to the Bahamas up to Florida in the USA. The Panama Canal is an artificial waterway, which cuts through the isthmus of Panama in Central America connecting the Pacific Ocean with the Caribbean Sea for navigation. The crossing of the Panama Canal is one of the most beautiful experiences of a cruise. The locks Gatun, Pedro Miguel and Miraflores are a real highlight of this cruise - and a masterpiece of engineering! One of the most exciting travel experiences awaits you when your ship is raised 26 meters to the Gatun Lake and then discharged again by using the force of gravity! You ride past the shimmering Gatun Lake and marvel at jungle-covered hills. At the Gaillard Cut you finally have a spectacular view over the whole region. Untouched island landscapes with a Caribbean paradise, crystal clear waters and charming port towns await you on this Panama Canal cruise journey. Escape the gloomy weather and enjoy the wonderful world of the Caribbean on our comfortable and pleasant cruise ships.

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